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Natural health therapy that encompasses the whole person

Kinesiology Health Clinic is about your health, it's about understanding your symptoms as messages, designed for you to take notice that something is not in balance, needs changing. The information that is shared here and the health care that is offered, developed out of a keen interest that started almost 3 decades ago:

While people often had a symptomatic approach to overcome their health challenge (and this approach has its place), my work is about complementing western medicine in a holistic, effective and valuable way. For instance, you know that stress is affecting your health and you've been told to reduce it only to find yourself repeating old patterns? Also common: You know that you 'should be positive' but it seems too easy to run out of 'positiveness', especially when you are not well. With persistent symptoms or emotional patterns, it is most effective to consider the interconnectedness between BODY, MIND & SOUL.

About the practitioner


'My name is Verena Stevenson, my interest in alternative health care started 30 years ago when I was desperately looking for for a way to heal my chronic skin condition: eventually, this lead me to the amazing, empowering tools I am working with today. Through the years I developed a special interest in chronic cases, especially symptoms resistant to change made me yearn for deeper understanding. am excited about using these powerful modalities for complementary healthcare and personal development in an open-hearted and compassionate way"

Client Feedback

I started my journey back to health with Verena approximately 24 months ago.
I had blood toxicity from alveolar bone necrosis and infections that would not completely yield plus heavy metal and lead poisoning that was off the charts. I have the lab results to prove it.
Over the past 20 years, I had spent tens of thousands on alternative and regular medical and dental care to no avail. No definitive treatments despite diagnosis - nothing that really worked.
I also had a couple of tooth abscesses that were not treated successfully and subsequent bone infections that would not yield to antibiotics.
At times I could not stay out of bed longer than 3 hours before falling apart and had to severely limit any activity and felt as if I was getting steadily worse.
Once I started my treatment with Verena, things started changing for the better within a short time. The beauty of Verena’s type of kinesiology is the way she is able to tailor it individually - with no guesswork.
Your body shows her what is needed. I believe this is the new frontier of medicine.
Sheutilised many different tools, including awareness- and guidance- work etc. that really worked. Utilizing her form of Kinesiology sets her apart from other practitioners.
Through surrogate testing, Verena has also treated my animals successfully and all three are now completely healthy and happy.
I can only say that if you have exhausted all other avenues and still don’t get well I can’t recommend Verena enough.
Bless her and her patient, warm and understanding nature; Verena has a true gift and I owe her my life.
I can’t thank her enough so I wish her all the best that this life can give.
Rosanna Leman