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1:  I recently saw Verena for a Kinesiology balancing session regarding a condition I had previously seen different medical doctors for in the past 3 years but without success! When I saw Verena I was feeling quite stressed regarding my situation because my issue had gotten worse in previous months. She had great     understanding , eased my feeling of helplessness and guided me in her warm and calm manner through the balancing session.The session felt very professional and nurturing. Afterward I felt immediately a big relief as I discovered the underlying cause for my health issue. I left Verena’s clinic room with new hope and feeling already much lighter and happier inside. Starting a few days later I could feel obvious changes and improvement. The improvement and healing continued over a few weeks and felt really magical to me. When I later went to see a specialist doctor (my GP had already previously referred me to), the specialist could not find any noteworthy condition of concern anymore and could only agree with me that the Kinesiology session must have nailed the issue successfully - allowing the complete disappearance of the symptom.Thank you so much Verena for your help and the amazing work you did. I am over the moon that after all this time, I finally found a capable practitioner in you who could help me to overcome this difficult to nail health issue. I can only recommend Verena and the modality Kinesiology to anybody who is seeking health and healing on all layers of the body system - not only the physical

S.H. Auckland

2: “Hi Verena, thanks for a great session of positives and hope. I have opened a pandora’s box of challenges to face and feel and perceive it in a much different light now. Much appreciated.”

Mark Dale

3:  Imagine - what if you had access to answers to important questions you wish to ask? That's what Kinesiology can do.....
But with Verena you get so much more than that. I've had the privilege of working with Verena for nearly two years now. Initially, I came to her due to some serious sensitivities, developed as a result of what was supposed to be an insignificant dental procedure. She helped me clear it quickly.
Then I moved into a new place and could not sleep, couldn't sleep for two months! Again, Verena to the rescue and all was well in no time.
From then on, amazed at the potential of the work, we tackled every possible issue imaginable from food intolerances to geopathic stress, from which supplements to take, to relationship issues, from negative beliefs about money to how to be more effective at work, to what is my purpose in life....
And every time, I came away feeling uplifted, inspired and whole again. A lot of my friends have been to see Verena too, and have reported the same experience.
Verena doesn't just test to find out what's wrong; she also immediately administers a recommended 'treatment', whether it's a guided visualisation, beautiful meditation or pranic healing, a vibrational remedy or the suggestion of a herbal product.
And she does that always coming from such a beautiful place of unconditional love and non-judgemental acceptance, that it takes your breath away.
My life is very different now, because of her work.
D Pakhomov

4: "Verena is an excellent Kinesiologist whose remedies I have always found POTENT. Initially, my naiveness towards Kinesiology caused me to be skeptical about it. However, after all the mainstream tests failed to explain why I recently developed Epilepsy (with no family history), I tried kinesiology and I was extremely pleased with the result. Verena is efficient, effective, very caring and showed great professionalism - I highly recommend her services.”
Jennifer Trinick.

5: Thank you Verena for facilitating the growth and increase of awareness that has taken place in me since we have worked together. Your work is a very useful tool to utilise the natural gift for healing and has been equally as useful in enabling profound responsiveness and receptivity in me.
Nagairi Beamish

6:  Long distance sessions
I do regular sessions with Verena from Melbourne, Australia. I find they are just as effective as our sessions we did together in person a few years ago when I was living in New Zealand. I feel balanced emotionally and on track with my goals with our regular work together. Even though Verena is working from a distance, she is easily able to test food sensitivities and supplements I ask her about. Even more importantly she can tap into my higher intelligence and give me guidance on what I can work on on a psychological level. I go away with the help of information I need to know, visualisation work I can do in my own time, and books to read which give me tools to make changes I want to in my life.
Learning about well-being during my sessions with Verena is always interesting and powerful.
Kristen Stephenson

7:  “After trying for years to battle my chronic dust allergy I finally experienced a breakthrough!...”
Nina Holland